Kabooti Ring Cushion

by Home Care Medical
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A complete comfort seating solution. The "Better Donut" - the Kabooti is uniquely engineered to be superior to conventional donut cushions. 

  • 3 cushions in 1: a Coccyx Cushion, a Seating Wedge and a Donut Ring
  • The Kabooti distributes your body's weight evenly - without high concentrations of pressure - especially in the central and tailbone area. 
  • The Kabooti comforts and reduces tailbone pressure, improves back posture and seating balance. 
  • More stable, contoured for comfort and features a generous coccyx cutout. 
  • The tapered edge allows legs to fit under a desk, table or car steering wheel.
  • This complete seating solution helps with: back problems, seating pressure, postural issues, post childbirth recovery, hemorrhoids, surgery and injury recovery.
  • Sculpted surface: comfortably fits your bottom's shape. 
  • Generous coccyx cutout: eliminates direct contact between you and the chair to relieve tailbone pressure during prolonged seating.
  • Ergonomic wedge design: encourages proper posture. 
  • Tapered front edge: reduces pressure points under thighs and allows legs to fit underneath desks, tables and vehicle steering wheels. 
  • Innovative stability lobes: evenly distributes weight to provide greater stability and prevents tipping. 
  • Large center opening: unique center opening removes pressure and connects to the coccyx cutout for cooling airflow.
  • Perfect for stadium seating, outdoors, the office and car. 
  • Washable blue cover included
  • Dimensions:
    • Regular 17.5”  x 13.5”  x 3.25” 
    • Large 20.27 " x 15" x 10"
  • Coccyx cutout: 3” w
  • Donut ring cutout: 7.5” w x 3” d