Terms and Conditions

Commitment to Compliance
The Home Care Medical, Inc. (HCM) President, Executive Team, Department Directors/Managers and employees are committed to compliance with all Federal and State statutes, laws, and regulations, and the program requirements of Federal, State and private health plans. Further, HCM is committed to the prevention of fraud and abuse throughout the industry through the use of ethical business principles and practices and adherence to published guidance and law and regulation.

Purpose of the Corporate Compliance Program
Over time, the laws and regulations under which HCM operates has become more confusing and complex. The intent of HCM’s corporate compliance program is to ensure that a comprehensive strategy is employed to consistently comply with the law and regulation and to address and safeguard against any potential fraud and abuse.

The Compliance Officer and The Compliance Committee
HCM has designated a Corporate Compliance Officer (CCO) and a Corporate Compliance Committee (CCC). The CEO and the CCC, with other leaders of HCM, have responsibility for overseeing the detailed, systematic, and comprehensive plan for ensuring ongoing compliance with all Federal, State and private health insurance plans.

If you believe an employee of Home Care Medical is acting unethically and/or violating state or federal laws, please call the Corporate Compliance hotline at 262.957.5516, or e-mail Compliance_Officer@hcmedical.com.