CPAP Pillow

by Home Care Medical
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The CPAP Pillow features a more cushioned and supportive molded foam base plus a dual fabric design. The silky, quilted material follows the pillows contours so the CPAP mask and shoulders easily glide over these areas with movement throughout the night, all while your head is cushioned by soft velour. The CPAP Pillow improves compliance, helps prevent mask leaks, and improves comfort while sleeping. 
  • Promotes proper support and contact-free CPAP mask use 
  • Improves sleep comfort for all CPAP users 
  • Increases CPAP compliance 
  • Pillow cover easily zips off for washing 
  • Excellent neck support for back and side sleeping 
  • Airway alignment 
  • Works with any CPAP mask in any sleeping position
  • Reduces mask leaks; pressure on mask and face; and mask discomfort
  • Dimensions: 20” l x 13” w x 4” d
  • Manufacturer: Contour