CPAP Vapor Clear

by Home Care Medical
Fall asleep. Stay asleep. Wake refreshed. Soothing CPAP comfort. Plastic CPAP components can often emit a minor but noticeable "shower curtain" odor which may cause discomfort as you adjust to your therapy. To increase your comfort and compliance, aromatherapy disguises the scent of the CPAP Mask, making it easier to fall asleep. Fully compatible with all types of positive airway pressure equipment.  
  • To dispense, open the bottle, cover the top with a diffusion pad, and quickly turn the bottle and pad upside down once, returning the bottle to the upright position. This will dispense about one drop. A light background aroma is best and a very small amount of pure aromatic goes a long way. It is strongly recommended to start with just one drop, adding more only if necessary to suit your personal taste. Then, insert the pad into the diffuser stand and set the stand near the air intake of your CPAP or BiPAP machine and use the equipment as you normally would. The scent will be pulled into the machine and the air will be lightly scented with fragrance. Overall, the aromatherapy allows the sense of smell to help improve emotion, comfort and compliance.
  • One Diffuser Pad Stand
  • Four Diffuser Pads 
  • Two 5ml bottles - one bottle of "Clear" and one bottle of "Calm"