Juvo Dressing Aid/Shoehorn

by Home Care Medical
  • This  long-handle tool allows the user to reach and put on articles of clothing with ease from a sitting position, greatly compensating for limited mobility.  
  • The curved dressing aid head has distinctive push and pull tapered ends. The push end helps push off a shirt, blouse, sweater or jacket. The pull, or hook end, helps pull up a pair of pants or pull on a shirt, blouse, sweater or jacket. 
  • The hooked end of the 25” tool is also useful to reach items and pull them closer for someone in a seated position such as pushing and pulling drawers, doors, and wheelchairs, retrieving clothing from the floor, closet or shelf, and turning light switches on and off. 
  • The curved Shoehorn in conjunction with the Dressing Aid, helps with putting on and taking off shoes and socks. 
  • Manufactured by Juvo