MedCline Pillow

by Home Care Medical

Using gravity and anatomy, MedCline comfortably creates and maintains the ideal sleep position for unparalleled relief. The inclined + left-side sleeping position keeps stomach acid below your lower esophageal sphincter making it very difficult for the acid to escape and minimizes the dangers of prolonged esophageal acid exposure.


  • No more heartburn or reflux. Inclined + leftside sleeping position keeps stomach acid in your stomach and away from the delicate lining of your esophagus.
  • Clinically proven. Independent clinical studies show that MedCline is significantly more effective than a standard bed wedge or elevating the head of your bed.
  • No more sliding. Patented arm pocket prevents sliding down, while relieving pressure from downside arm and shoulder.
  • Drug-free solution. 100% natural relief without harmful side effects.

Shoulder Pain Relief

Acting as your own personal mattress topper, MedCline LP is simply placed on top of your mattress and used with your own head pillow or body pillow. The MedCline LP creates a gradual 5-6 degree angle, which will prop you up just high enough to take the pressure off your arm and shoulder. Experience life-changing relief and allow your shoulder to rest in MedCline LP.


  • Relieves pressure. Patented arm pocket relieves shoulder pressure so you can sleep comfortably on your side.
  • Gradual incline. Gentle elevation props you up just high enough to take the pressure off without feeling like you are sleeping at an angle.
  • Symmetrical design. Sleep on your right or left side. Wide enough so you can easily turn throughout the night.
  • Flexible arm positions. Position your arm either out straight onto the bed surface or tucked under your pillow.